Puerto Vallarta Sep-13

This past September I took a trip with two close friends to Puerto Vallarta for a week of fun and relaxation. It was a birthday present for myself and unfortunately my partner was not able to attend. We stayed at a friend of a friend’s condo in Downtown Puerto Vallarta which is north of the river that separates downtown from the Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone) which is largely gay and lesbian community. We arrived to an overcast and extremely humid area of Mexico for this time of year as September is considered the rainy season. The week before we arrived hurricane Manuel hit Acapulco hard.

People either love Mexico with its great weather and beautiful locales to those that hate it and view it as a third world country. Whichever view you hold, PV has some amazing views and archictecture. I especially love the cobblestone streets throughout the city.

A view of the bay



The beautiful cobblestone streets of the city set against the hilly mountainside of the town


A stroll along the promenade in downtown introduced me to some wonderful pieces of art. This was a sculpture of kids and a woman around a ladder (which I shot from the opposite side). Love the expression as if she’s singing to the heavens.


Windows to the world….


Those look like old mines but not exactly sure


Sea monster sculpture


While artwork is always nice to see people visit Mexico for the beaches and the food. Spent one afternoon at a pretty secluded beach and took this panoramic and some waves crashing against the rocks.



Grabbing some delicious Birria (goat stew) tacos from a local street cart vendor


Adventure also attracts people to Mexico. Went zip lining for the first time in the rain forest surrounding PV.  Incredible experience from 600 ft above ground on some lines.


Overall it was a great trip with friends. Our last evening with a beautiful sunset. I love Puerto Vallarta because the people are so friendly and it’s a quiet little coastal town. Until next time.



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