Saturday Exploration in Downtown LA

To get more street photography experience I wanted to explore DTLA more and so we went around lunch time with plans to eat first then explore the city.  I’ve never been to Cole’s French Dip sandwich before, only their rival Phillipe’s.  Both claim rights to the first restaurant in LA for this concept.  I must say after trying both, Cole’s wins hands down.  Great old saloon style restaurant from 1908 (with poor lighting I might add which suck for beginner photogs).  But the food was incredible and especially the spicy garlic fries 😛

IMG_2733 IMG_2645 IMG_2651 IMG_2670

Next up was just walking around grabbing a few cool shots of architecture (and a classic car) in no particular order.  However the last pic is of St Vincent St which we literally stumbled upon.  This is an amazing little gem of a street with ethnic facades on the building for the type of cuisine they serve.  Stopped here for an Asian-made espresso (lol this is LA) and relaxation.

IMG_2692 IMG_2675 IMG_2703 IMG_2730 IMG_2732


Next up was more pics and wandering into a not so great neighborhood to buy some inexpensive handmade fidoras.  I love my new hat!!!

IMG_2741 IMG_2746 IMG_2772 IMG_2779

We finished off the day with a some tacos from the infamous Market then headed over for a refreshing cocktail at Precinct, a new downtown LA gay bar.

IMG_2756 IMG_2760 IMG_2764IMG_2758

IMG_2802 IMG_2797


Thanks for spending the time reviewing my (hopefully) improving pics.




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