Photoessay: A trip to The Broad

Well I guess The Broad has been here in Los Angeles for about a year now.  Tickets sell out a month in advance, however they are free so you only have to reserve quickly around the beginning of each month, otherwise your are SOL.  We went today on tickets I had reserved about 3 weeks ago.  Having been there on the outside at night to take night photography pics I know the building held something special.  Today did not disappoint.  Although the museum was very punctual at letting us in at our respective reservation time, it was a very short visit at about 1 hour.  Now we are not ones to read every placard associated with a fine piece of art, so we may have exited early.  But that’s okay, because even everyone looks at art in their own way and this definitely gave me many ideas from a photography perspective.  It was very pleasing to see works from Roy Lichenstein and Keith Haring up close an personal.  I really hope you enjoy my version!!



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