Why Pets Make Great Photography Subjects

I love animals.  I just have to say that up front.  I’ve been an animal lover all my life and a dog owner most of it.  I can still remember vividly the morning my mom woke me up and told me I was a first time dog owner, one that I could truly call my own.   I won him via a local contest.  He was a pure bred American Eskimo and came with official AKC papers.  His fur was as white as pure snow, so appropriately I named him Snowfall.  I was about 6 or 7 years old at the time and so excited, like many kids, to care for man’s best friend.

As a photographer there are so many subjects or genres to consider for e.g. wedding, still/product photography, sports/action, street, landscape, cityscape, portraits, wildlife and whatever else comes to mind.  You just choose what makes you happy from behind the LCD screen of your camera and subjects that can also make you money.  After all you do have to survive if you’re pursuing a passion (you can read my bio here).   One of my favorite subjects are Pets.  While they can be more complicated than say kids to photograph, overall they can produce some amazing results.  I photograph my dog Zoe all the time.  She provides me with some amazing photos and little complaining.  So as I’ve thought about the genres I enjoy, Pets are definitely near the top of the list.  This led to me to write about the top reasons why Pets Make Great Photography Subjects:

  1. You can dress them up anyway you want and they typically don’t care too muchuntitledimg_7187-edit
  2. Unlike humans, the more distorted the face, the better or funnier the pictureuntitledimg_3629-edit-2-edit
  3. A variety of posing situations can be relaxing for themuntitledimg_0217-edit
  4. Action shots are a lot of fun and keep you on your toes to capture good shotsuntitledIMG_1794-Edit-2untitledIMG_1680-Edit-2
  5. They don’t complain if you get them wetuntitledimg_3308-2-edit-edituntitledimg_1567-edit
  6. No matter how tired they get, they still let you photograph them after they crashuntitleddsc_1847-edit

To find out more about the Pet Photography services I offer, please go to my website at http://www.chadsuggsphoto.com.

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