Changing Weather

Living in Los Angeles usually means fairly consistent weather with average days of 70-72 degrees in Spring through early Fall.  During the winter months, the temperature may fall below 50 (gasp).  When this phenomenon occurs Angelinos begin scrambling to pull out their winter scarfs and gloves from packed away plastic containers that are labeled “Emergency Cold Weather Items”.

Okay, yes we are spoiled here in the Golden State.  But, I mean, who wants to live life shivering in the cold for 6 months of the year, right?  Well the awesome weather is one of the reasons I moved here in 1998.  Obviously I am not a native Angelino, which is actually not that uncommon.  I grew up in the country outskirts of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where weather patterns change as quickly as some people change their minds (as shown in this series of photos).  This area of the country is known for extreme weather changes in short periods of time.  This is why the movie Twister was filmed here to catch Tornadic activity, which occurs every year from about April through July.  In fact they call this section of the country Tornado Alley, which encompasses Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas among other states.

So why as a photographer am I writing about this?  Well…. I was just there earlier this month (March) and experienced one of these rapid weather changes.  I was at my Dad’s place hanging out with my brother one evening in the building where he has classic cars stored.  There were some amazing colors crossing the sky and clouds as the sun set over the horizon.  I ran into the house to grab my camera, of course, and began taking some shots of the sunsets.  I remember checking the weather app on my iPhone and noticing that thunderstorms were forecasted around 8p, which was about 3 hours away.  The skies gave no indication of this… sunset.

As the sun set below the horizon I began to notice a huge cloud formation North of us.  I began watching and studying the movement and noticed some lightning strikes in the clouds, although no thunder, which is a little strange.  Since I already had my camera I stepped out into the darkness of the 5 acres of land my father owns and set up my tripod.  Well at this point I think the pictures should speak for themselves.  These photos were taken over a time period of about 3 hours from sunset to storm front……aka weather changes.


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