Photoessay: Shipwreck Exploration

This is a quick story about a local shipwreck right here in Los Angeles.  Yes, I said Los Angeles.  Wow that must have grabbed many people’s attention and it did mine as well when I first heard about it.

The Dominator, which was a Greek owned vessel, ran aground in March 1961 along Rocky Point near Palos Verdes. Carrying a load of wheat and beef from Vancouver, B.C, the vessel was trapped by the current after coming too close to the cliffs and ran aground along the rocks.  The crew remained onboard for a couple of days hoping the Coast Guard would be able to free the ship.  Unfortunately natural forces pushed the ship further into the rocky outcroppings, and it was eventually abandoned.

To this day remnants of the ship lie unmoved on the rocky beach below the Palos Verdes cliffs.  While the sea water and salt air have slowly eroded the wreckage, it will be many years before this vintage silhouette will be erased from history.  In fact most of the rocks surrounding the area are covered with rust, draining off from the ship components.

A large amount of the wreck now lies underwater off the coast and supposedly you can still see a portion of the ship, as a diver, below the water’s surface.  I can’t verify this portion of the story, as I am not a diver, but evidently you can still see parts of the ship during low tide.

Cliffs overlooking the bulldozer
Possible steam pipe of the ship?
Bulldozer that was thrown off the ship
Parts of wreckage
Parts of wreckage as heavy clouds and waves move in
Ghostly feature on bulldozer


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