So by now everyone has heard of the Superbloom this year in California.  Thankfully we’ve had so much rain this year that there are actually awesome blooms of anything going on.  But being Californian, its either all or nothing lol.. you either get good stuff or its high and dry.  Fortunately this year is on the good side.

I decided to go to Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve because frankly I don’t remember seeing Poppy’s that much since I’ve lived here.  Wow was I in for a complete shock.  I had no idea that the massive fields and hills would be covered in blossoms.  Now I know why so many people are flocking to the hills to see the “superbloom”.  However there are some precautions you should take if you decide to see them (in the next couple of weeks).  There isn’t much time left per the ranger we spoke too.  By late April/early May they will most likely be gone.

First of all is the traffic.  Most likely you’ll need to park on the side of the two lane freeway and walk about 1/2 mile up to the reserve.  Not a bad thing since most of us need the exercise anyway right???

But in addition, I must point out an unfortunate fact though.  So many people have decided to trample on the poppy’s to take shameless selfies that there are many dead spots on the ground.  Really??!!  Damn tourists that have no consideration for our land!!   It’s really disgusting thinking ‘oh well the grass is already dead so why not take a pic’.  No!! that is not the way of Mother Nature.  Respect her and you’ll be pleased.  Anyway I hope you have a chance to see this once in a ‘who knows’ lifetime bloom.  All I can say is it is absolutely beautiful and makes you rethink everything about life.

Peace to everyone and continued success!!


The high winds helped produce this beautiful Poppy portrait

Lovers on the hill of Poppies
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