Finding the Right Light

I was recently hired by a friend of mine for some corporate headshot photography.  He’s a CFO for a technology startup and needed updated photos for the company website.  While I normally do my photoshoots in my home studio, this one I had to travel to Palm Springs to shoot (I know tough life right?).  There are many issues when traveling to an onsite location that are different than your own studio.  The main issue being lighting.  While I prefer to use natural light, I do have studio lighting equipment for those jobs that require it.  But because I knew the location I knew there would be ample light to do a shoot.  However, the weather presented some complications.  It was overcast and occasionally partly cloudy so the lighting was changing by the minute.  It took about 30 minutes to find the right light and at that point I basically said let’s start now!  We pretty much stayed in that location because it presented fewer shadows and the need for light reflectors.  So lesson learned is that natural lighting is aways a preference for me, but due to mother nature you are often on your toes trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  This is the fun part about photography for me! Personally, I think it worked out quite well 

John Kennedy_170909_0038John Kennedy_170909_0029

If you’re interested in a new headshot or personal branding for your own business please contact me at 747.202.2915 or at



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