Dedicating Time to Animals

I recently photographed a session with some dogs that were taken in from the recent hurricanes in the Gulf Coast states.  A long time friend of mine, Sean Hawkins, who is the Executive Director of the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society worked with me to create an experience to make the dogs more adoptable.  We agreed to take a few of the dogs and some long time shelter dogs out to Pismo State Beach to photograph them to help make them more adoptable.  This was an amazing project for both me and the staff at the shelter.  You can really sense the love these animals are receiving on a daily basis, until they are able to find there forever homes!  Hats off to the shelter volunteers and staff who help make these dogs feel love each and every day.

I will be posting each day this week one of the dogs I photographed for the Santa Maria Humane Society (I started two days ago).  Please follow me on my Instagram or Facebook to see more pictures of these amazing and lovable animals that are so desperate to find someone to love them back.   Please contact if you are interested in any of these amazing creatures.  They really do need to find good, loving homes!!!!!

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0016_sam_
Sam, 16 week old blue haired male pup who was hard to capture on camera

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0020_cornelius
Cornelius, a 3 year old fun loving, energetic male dog with lots of love

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0006_sophie_
Sophie, a 5 year old Pit/Lab mix who will capture your heart with her personality

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0078_dolores
Dolores, 2 year old bulldog who has lots of fun loving energy

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0039_siblings
Wonder Twins – Activate!!!  A fun loving brother and sister that need to be adopted together.  They are the dynamic duo!!

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0048_Nela
Nela, a very laid back 4 year old with calming personality

SMVHS Finals_2017_10_05_0047_bruno.jpg
Bruno, a boxer breed with lots of energy and oodles of hugs